Beyonce And Jay-Z Lunch In Paris Without Blue Ivy

Jay-Z landed in Paris to perform a couple stops on his Watch the Throne tour with Kanye West early in June, but he and the Mrs. have been sticking around to enjoy the city. Beyonce and Jay-Z did lunch in Paris yesterday, but this time without Blue Ivy, who they’ve keep bundled up and out of the paparazzi’s glare, just like in New York.

Bey sported a few different shades of yellow, tying it together with her throwback frames and heels, while Jay did his casual things in khakis, a t-shirt and denim.

Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Paris earlier this week

The couple are reportedly planning a little vacay with their pals Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Paltrow joined Bey at The Throne's Paris show, where she got into some trouble for a controversial tweet. Singer/songwriter The-Dream apparently snapped and tweeted a picture of Gwyn grooving onstage, with a caption that read, "Ni**as in Paris for real @mrteriusnash (the dream) tyty, beehigh."

That comment, sent from Paltrow's account, set off a firestorm on Twitter, where fans and bloggers ripped the actress for seemingly using the n-word.

The-Dream, however, stepped in to defend his pal, explaining, "Fyi Sorry for the Confu I typed Ni**as in Paris for real from Gwens phone. My bad I was Fkd up please excuse it! We were lit!"

He then went on to post a series of peeved tweets in reaction to fans calling him out for his defense of Paltrow. "N---a doesn't have any power over me which is why this will be the last thing I say about it," he wrote. "A word means something when u react to it! ... Context is everything. Meaning it in the context as a Song which is how we Sold it to the world!!!!!! It is what it is ... And actually N---az was in Paris! LOL. Stop wasting God's time and do something with your life. Love not war."