A$AP Rocky Gets Rolex Stolen And Returned After Brawl At Show

By Carter Maness

Want a good way to derail a rap show? Steal the headliner's watch. That's what happened to A$AP Rocky during a recent show at England's Camden Ballroom, nearly ending the performance before fans identified the thief and eventually returned the item to the Harlem rapper.

HipHopDX reports that A$AP noticed the watch was snatched from his wrist in the middle of the set. 'Does it look like I'm playing right now," he asked as the venue lights came on. "We not gon' end our show just 'cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. F--- it, man."

After a few minutes, the watch was returned and Rocky was back in good spirits. He encouraged the crowd to "beat" the responsible party, though.

Since breaking out last year, A$AP has had a performance history checkered with intense interactions. Back in March, a SXSW show turned from scuffle to brawl after a fan grabbed at one of his Mob member's do-rag and another threw a beer can at Rocky.

The Harlem rapper has certainly had some interesting experience over the past few months. During a recent appearance on "RapFix Live," he had a memorable and absurd encounter with Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Check out the footage above.