Prodigy Rolls Out H.N.I.C. 3 Tracklist, Cover Art

By Miranda Johnson

Prodigy, one half of the infamous Queens duo Mobb Deep, has revealed the release date along with the artwork for his third solo album, H.N.I.C. 3. The LP which bears Prodigy’s tatted back in front of a ghastly mural, will drop July 3.

H.N.I.C. 3 includes guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa who hops on the “Co-Pilot“ track, while T.I. produced and is featured on the track “What’s Happening." Havoc lends a verse on “Who You Bullsh----n” and Willie Taylor of Day 26 jumps on the chorus of “My Angel.” The project also entails a long list of legendary producers. Prodigy enlisted The Alchemist, S.C., Young L, Sid Roams, Ty Fyffe and Beat Butcha to help construct the LP.

The album marks Prodigy’s first full length project on Infamous Records, the label deal the group linked with Sony/Red Distribution last year. H.N.I.C. 3 will be released in both physical and digital formats and will be available in dirty ,clean, and the Deluxe versions.

Last month the Queens emcee stopped by "RapFix Live"  and promised that another Mobb Deep album would soon be on the way. "The Mobb is good, we're working on the next album still, steadily, making it hot," he said. "But in the meantime we're gonna put out some product for right now. The Mobb Deep album is not where we want it to be yet, so we've just gotta do something in the meantime."


1 Without Rhyme or Reason (prod. by Alchemist)

2 Slept On (prod. by Alchemist)

3 Pretty Thug (prod. by Ty Fyffe)

4 My Angel feat Willie Taylor of Day 26 (prod. by Beat Butcha)

5 Co-Pilot feat Wiz Khalifa (prod. by The Colombians)

6 Live (prod. by Alchemist)

7 Make It Hot (prod. by Young L)

8 Get Money feat Boogz Boogetz (prod. by Young L)

9 Life Is What You Make It (prod. by S.C.)

10 Award Show Life (prod. by S.C.)

11 Who You Bullshittin feat Havoc (prod. by Sid Roams)

12 Skull & Bones (prod. by Beat Butcha)

13 Smack That Bitch feat Esther (prod. by Valentino)

14 Let Me Show You feat Vaughn Anthony (prod. by Ty Fyffe)

15 Gangsta Love feat Esther (prod. by Valentino)

16 What's Happening feat T.I. (prod. by T.I.)