Ciara Drops 'Sweat' With A Verse From 2 Chainz

By Cristina Recino

We now know what princess Ciara was talking about when she said her newest single “Sweat” may have “another goodie on there.” She is back with a new banger featuring 2 Chainz. The single “Sweat,” which will be available on iTunes June 19, will be featured on her fifth upcoming album One Woman Army. This album will be Ciara’s first since she has jumped record labels from Jive to Epic Records.

“Sweat” brings us back to Ciara’s old roots of heavy bass with a more urban feel than some of her other hits like “Like a Boy.” "I just love to make you sweat in all kinds of ways,” she sings.

Ciara told MTV News this new album is “very, very personal” and that she “darned near cried” when writing some of the songs. "This is the most vulnerable I've ever been in my life and career. And I'm so confident with being vulnerable. At one point in time, I was very afraid to be as vulnerable as I am."

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