Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion Recap: Part 1

Basketball Wives 4

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The "Basketball Wives" cast had their reunion last night. The ladies, with Jennifer backstage, joined host/former NBA baller John Salley. "I think it's best she's backstage," said Evelyn. "We're not going to be friends ever again." Shaunie prefaces the show with her regrets about the season and says, "I feel that all of these ladies take responsibility for what their actions are." She then says this season was more "bad than good" and moving forward there will be more balance of positive content on the show. Blah blah. Enough of the love fest. Time for drama!

The episode showcased all of the season's tiffs including Kesha versus Kenya (over Kenya's singing), Kesha versus Tami (which Tami gives a half-believable "My bad" apology) and Kenya versus Evelyn (a.k.a. the "Evelyn is loose" debacle). Evelyn, fighting tears, says she went too far when she hurled a wine bottle at Kenya and wishes she could take that moment back. Evelyn tells John that her stepdaughters saw the scene and that she's embarrassed of her actions.

Now on to the main event.

The breakdown between Evelyn and Jenn was at the heart of this season. Did Jenn pop off about Ev on her blog? What did Evelyn say on Twitter? Evelyn explains that a series of interviews Jenn did were what sparked the end of their multi-year friendship. "I just feel like she didn't respect me," Ev says. The feud between the former besties really hit the fan when Evelyn's assistant Naya (Interestingly, Naya was invited to the reunion but her attorneys advised her against it) slapped Jenn that led to Jenn filing a lawsuit against Naya.

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Cue Jenn's entrance. (P.S. For those keeping track at home, Suzie has yet to say anything and Royce said maybe two words all episode) Cool and stoic as usual, Jenn shrugs at questions on her absence from the group. "It is what it is," she says. John asks why Jenn didn't sue Eric for throwing a glass at her but Jenn says "That's my husband." Insert crowd "Oooh." Jenn then gives a blanket apology to everyone for anything she may have done, blogged etc. Jenn opens up and says that her divorce caused a lot of the rift. She says Evelyn never reached out to her during the trying time but John reminds her, "Phones work all the time" and says that the Ev/Jenn friendship would have disintegrated with or without cameras.

Maybe in the most poignant statement, Shaunie says, "It's really hard to maintain friendships and be on TV." In other words, if you want to keep a bff, do not go on reality television.

The episode ends with John telling Evelyn and Jenn that they should have been "better sisters" to each other. Don't get all teary-eyed just yet, John injects a little juice into the reunion and says that Evelyn has taken a polygraph test before the show and he wants Jenn to take one too so they can compare results. What will the polygraph reveal? Tune in next week for the second half of the reunion!