Nicki Minaj Hashes Out Summer Jam Beef In Funkmaster Flex Interview

By Nadeska Alexis

Summer Jam 2012 has come and gone, but the drama surrounding Nicki Minaj and YMCMB's canceled performance at the annual concert is still the talk of the town. On Monday night (June 4) Minaj decided to put an end to the hearsay by calling into Funkmaster Flex's show on New York City's Hot 97 radio station, where they hashed out their beef publicly. Would it have been too much to ask for some input from the actual offender, Peter Rosenberg?

During their heated discussion, which opened with Flex admitting that they’d already been arguing for an hour, Nicki Minaj was adamant in insisting that Rosenberg chose the wrong time and place to voice his negative opinions. “It’s not about his opinion, because I have opinions about DJs on Hot 97 and I have opinions on Hot 97,” she said. “But when it’s about us uniting people [for] your show, I wouldn’t dare come on your stage and say something negative about Hot 97, leading up to that concert.”

“My fans at Summer Jam didn’t appreciate his comments, nor did my fans who were watching the livestream appreciate his comments,” she added. “This is streaming to the world. Nicki Minaj opened up that stream to show to kids in London and Paris, it was hosted on my website and those requests came from your station, I posted the links.”

Flex countered that Nicki was overreacting when she listened to Lil Wayne and pulled out of the show and he accused her of riling up fans on Twitter before dealing with the issue internally, but she wasn’t having any of it, maintaining that what Weezy says goes.

"I don't go against the president of my label. Before I had New York radio, I had Wayne,” she said, emphatically. “I will never go against Wayne. I can’t believe after all these years he’s still teaching me. After a man goes on stage and disrespects me and tries to rile people up, I still was going on that stage and shame on me. Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson in self worth. He tweeted before he called me, and when I spoke to him he said, ‘Nick, we ain’t doing that show.”

Minaj explained that the attack felt extra vindictive since she was the only woman on the roster (note: but not because she was the only woman on the roster), and plenty of yelling and screaming ensued (usually punctuated by Minaj repeating Flex’s name slowly, in an effort to calm him down).

One final issue that she needed to address was Flex’s earlier rant, in which he made questionable remarks about her music sales. "When you give stats to the world, people listen to you, and it’s important that people know Nicki Minaj is actually out here selling records, singles and making money for Universal,” she said, rattling off the sales she’s banked with Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, topping it off with my favorite line, "I Get Money."

It’d be a lie to say that things ended on a completely rosy note, but it seems like Minaj might’ve had the upper hand here. Flex admitted that Rosenberg could’ve picked a better time to criticize Minaj and she still stuck by Wayne’s decision to pull her out of the show. ("This is my hometown, I wanted to come on stage for my fans, my barbz, my babies.")

When Flex made one last joking attempt to get an apology out of her, you can probably guess the tone of her response: “Excuse Me?” No radio station that allowed someone to disrespect me is getting an apology.”

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