Was Peter Rosenberg Wrong For Insulting Nicki Minaj At Summer Jam?

By Adrian Prelvukaj

Every year controversy and Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert seem to go hand-in-hand, with this year being no different from the rest. The headliner this year was was none other than Young Money's first lady Nicki Minaj, but things went south when comedic radio personality Peter Rosenberg shared a few negative words about Minaj's music beforehand. Was he right, or crossing a line?

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During the pre-concert festival, which was held in the parking lot at Met Life Stadium (where acts like Kendrick Lamar performed), the Hot 97 morning show host had this to say on the stage, "I know there's some chicks here waiting to sing 'Starships' later, I'm not talking to y'all right now. F--- that bullsh--. I'm here to talk about real hip-hop sh--." Word about Rosenberg's comments spread like wildfire and quickly got the attention of Young Money boss Lil Wayne.

Wayne immediately took to Twitter to express how he felt by simply stating, "Young Money ain't doing summer jam." This resulted in Nicki not performing, as well as YMCMB artists such as DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Ace Hood, and even the man himself, Lil Wayne, who was expected to make a guest appearance during Nicki's set. Yes fans…Weezy was more or less in the building and didn’t make an appearance.

Now, Lil' Wayne wasn’t the only person heated over Rosenberg's comments, as Hot 97's biggest competition at Power 105.1 expressed their feelings on the issue. The crew at the infamous Breakfast Club pinned Rosenberg and the entire staff at Hot 97 as the "Donkey" for their "Donkey of The Day" segment. Host Angela Yee mentioned, "Common sense would say 'ok this is our star for the evening, we actually hired her because she can sell the tickets, so let me not get on stage and diss her, well the hostess Peter Rosenberg did just that." Then shortly thereafter she continued stating, "we get it, you don’t like her, she won't come to your show, she kicked Cypha out the studio, she don't like you, she don't like none of ya'll." But the hazing didn’t stop there.

Angela Yee's co-host, DJ Envy was right on board with Angela Yee as things seemed to get real heated at the Power 105 headquarters, saying, "Lil Wayne made the perfect decision; I would've pulled her a long time ago. They belittle women, and lets be serious they're the number 8th morning show in the market." And if that didn’t seem personal enough he continued taking shots at the hip-hop radio station mentioning "The Donkey of The Day this morning goes to Hot 97 as a crew, as a staff, and as a mother----ing label."