Mack Maine’s Mother Cried After ‘Soldiers’ Video

By Rob Markman

Mack Maine almost didn’t release the video for his heartfelt dedication “Soldiers” -- after all the track is several years old, but after some urging from his mother the Young Money president partnered with DJ Scoob Doo to bring the song to life. “Basically my mom asked me since I recorded that song, she asked me to push it and go hard, shoot a video for it, and increase the awareness on it,” Mack Maine told MTV’s RapFix blog.

Mack, whose dad and uncle served in the military, made the song for soldiers stationed overseas and the family that they leave behind while out protecting America. He finally released video on May 30, just two days after Memorial Day. Before the public got a chance to see it, it was Mama Mack who got the advanced screening.

“We didn’t even tell her that we were shooting the video and Scoob came in the crib like, ‘I have a gift for you from your son’,” Mack said retelling the story of how his mother first saw the clip. “He brought her in the other room and she came out the room crying and I promise that was the ultimate feeling, that’s what I did it for.”

Ma Dukes wasn’t the only inspiration. Mack says he gets a ton of tweets from people who “Soldiers” have touched personally. If it was up to the New Orleans spitter, he would only share the video with military men and women and their families. “The tweets that I get from different armed forces, the wives and the soldiers that said they appreciate it. I actually appreciate them appreciating the fact that I appreciate them,” Mack said sincerely. “I’m not in it for props or for money or a publicity stunt.”

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