Floyd Mayweather Begins Jail Sentence, 50 Cent Looks On

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. will now be referred to as an inmate at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. Just under an hour ago, Money Mayweather turned himself in to begin serving a 90-day sentence on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence following an incident involving the mother of his young children. As Floyd was led out of the Vegas courtroom with a grey jumpsuit supporters like 50 Cent were on hand to bid his best friend farewell.

"Me & my daughter spending precious time together before I leave my family, friends and fans... " Floyd tweeted yesterday. Earlier that same day Floyd also sent private photos through the social network that showed him at home receiving a pedicure.

JB wasn't the only superstar musician present at the fight, as Lil Wayne congratulated Floyd after his victory.

"Floyd has a huge passion for music that people don't know about," 50 explained. "It's a big part of what makes him comfortable and takes his mind off of how hard he has to work to stay being the #1 fighter in the world. With Wayne's music momentum, he's a part of that; he's been a part of the playlist, so it's cool."

Floyd pled guilty to the charges back in December and was set to begin his sentence in January. However, a judge postponed those plans giving the champ more time to participate in a $32 million dollar pay day against rival Miguel Cotto on May 5th. Mayweather was successful in his bout cruising to victory against Cotto.

Recently we caught up with close pal 50 Cent who explained Justin Bieber's appearance at Floyd's most recent fight.

"Justin is also a Floyd fan" 50 told MTV News. "They love the sport. A lot of people like it and haven't actually made contact or received anything to make them feel like it was cool or comfortable enough for them to come," 50 said about JB's much-discussed ring walk. "When it actually happens and it goes down like that, it feels good. When they get a chance to see different genres, different people, everybody's excited."

As part of his conviction Mayweather was ordered to complete a domestic violence counseling program, community service and pay a $2,500 fine.

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