Rick Ross 'Sets An Example' By Giving Back To His High School

By Miranda Johnson

Last month Rick Ross did what a true boss  does, giving back to the community that bred him. Returning to his hometown Miami, Ross made a stop at his alma mater, Carol City Senior High School, where he made the day of several students by donating iPads and Reeboks to the entire CAP Program.

"I spoke to one of my home girls who actually work at my old high school. We were just touching bases on the differences, when we were out there and what’s going on now. She touched on a few things and I let her know if I can help out in any way just let me know," Ross told MTV News. “And she actually asked me for six computers at first and I said let’s make it 20 computers. After she went and did her research with everybody at the school, she said she thought it would be a better idea if it was iPads. She thought it would be more useful for the students. So that’s what we made happen.”

The reasoning behind it all, “I just did that on the strength of wanting to set that example and letting them know when you in a position that you can help out and give back, it’s a wonderful thing”.