Beyonce Shares Photos From Atlantic City Shows

Beyonce hit the stage four different times in Atlantic City over the weekend, performing her first set of shows since giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy back in January. Bey, always the perfectionist, had been planning and rehearsing for the show for weeks, and she left nothing to be desired. Check out more photos from the show, courtesy of Bey's Tumblr, after the jump.

Michelle Obama Gushes Over Beyonce After Atlantic City Shows

Beyoncé returned to the stage Saturday night, on the second of a four-night run in this East Coast resort city. And it was a spectacular fitting her rising icon status.

So what kinds of clues get 20somethings calling you "the greatest performer" of your generation? Well, it's in the details. For one, Revel, the sparkling, 6.3-million-square-foot beachfront destination that played host to Beyoncé's comeback, devoted a channel on its guest-room flat-screen TVs solely to B-