Basketball Wives Season Finale: Evelyn Lozada And Jenn Face Off

Basketball Wives 4

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

This season of "Basketball Wives" closed with the end of some friendships and some possible new beginnings for others. After last week's unpleasantness, Jenn sequestered herself in her room and following prodding from Shaunie, eventually comes out to speak to Evelyn.

In front of everyone, the two former bffs went back and forth about who said what, who tweeted what and who had unprotected sex with whom in a series of jabs. Huh? According to Ev, Jenn is a phony that talks too much. Evelyn alleges that Jenn had unprotected sex, while married, during their famous escapades in Vegas. The identity of the mystery man is unfortunately never reveled. What's the point of outing someone if you leave that information out, right? The duo finally agree to sever their friendship and Jenn retreats back into her Tahitian villa. Tired and fed up, she leaves the island with her mini-me Kenya in tow and eludes to leaving the show as well.

“I’m a ride or die chick,” Evelyn says later in an interview, “and Jenn ain’t that bitch.” Will Jenn ever be "that bitch?" Will she be loyal to Kenya? Who was the mystery man in Vegas and will that affect Jenn's relationship with ex-husband Eric Williams?

Not one to be left out of drama, Tami and Royce have their own friendship-ending skirmish, strangely over Kesha. Royce tries to defend Kesha's actions for leaving the island when she felt threatened but Tami retorts that the newcomer is "pitiful." Then out of nowhere, she accuses Kesha of stealing Royce's affections and threatens to cut Royce off if that friendship continues as it is. Could this be deuces to Tami and Royce's relationship?

The four remaining cast members still on speaking terms (Suzie, Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn) have their traditional farewell dinner and reflect over the past season as well as their individual futures. Tami says that she's moving to Los Angeles, Suzie says nothing (as usual) and Evelyn uses the opportunity to conveniently name-drop her new makeup line, E by Evelyn. She also reveals that she does not plan on having children with her future hubby Chad Ochocino.

Most interestingly, Shaunie goes through some personal reflection over the show and its effects on her. In Los Angeles, she takes a meeting with her pastor to discuss how the show has turned into a drama-filled train wreck, what that says about her as the show's producer and how it will affect her future business relationships. Do people think she’s a “ghetto hot mess” because she’s associated with the show, she asks her pastor. In what is possibly the first moment of maturity this entire season, Shaunie's pastor basically explains that the former Mrs. Shaq may have to relinquish her ties to the show in order to preserve her sanity or alternatively, leave some people in "the valley." Will Shaunie leave "Basketball Wives" or will other nicely-coiffed heads roll next season?

So many unanswered questions!