Just Blaze Gets Arrested, Tweets From Paris Jail

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Super producer Just Blaze was arrested in Paris over the weekend and documented his ordeal via Twitter. On May 28, he started a string of tweets that followed his incarceration including, "I'm really in like.. Jail. Yes. I am tweeting. And yes I am in jail. in Paris. They are being cool and letting me keep my phone for now."

"They are asking me things I cant answer.. I stopped french accelerated classes when I was 10..Handcuffs. I'm being cool about it," he continued. "For those that have never had them. They hurt. And are very dehumanizing." He even added a Twitpic of his jail cell.

Some hours later, after replying to several friends and followers, he finally tweeted, "Ok I'm officially being let go for now. Thank you all for the support!" He then had an exchange with rapper Joe Budden, who he has worked with on songs like "Pump It Up," telling him, "on the plane right naoww!! Last night was last stop on the tour. Went out with a bang. Literally." The reason for Just Blaze's arrest is still unknown.

The hitmaker, who has worked with everyone from Jay-Z to Drake and Fabolous, had just wrapped a tour date at the Marble Social Club in Paris.

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