Nas' 'Daughters' Video Gives Rare Look Into Personal Life

Nas is known for being a man of few words, but the private MC gives a rare look into his personal life with the new video for "Daughters," which premiered Sunday on MTV Jams. The clip features a guest appearance from his 17-year-old daughter Destiny Jones, in addition to a look back at their relationship over the years.

"Right off the bat, he really loved the idea of the P.O.V.," the video's director, Chris Robinson, told MTV News by phone Thursday.

Robinson, who has a 6-year-old daughter, said he got choked up the first time he heard the soul-bearing track, in which Nas admits to both his faults and disappointments as a dad. The track, which will appear on the rapper's upcoming Life is Good LP, immediately began to spark creative ideas for the veteran lens man — though the call to cast Destiny in the clip came from God's Son himself.

"I think that this song for Nas is so personal, everything in the song is real, that he wanted to share this moment with his fans, with the world, and it was actually his suggestion," Robinson revealed. "I was ready to cast someone, and he was real calm and said, 'Hey, Dest is gonna be here, I think we need to keep it real.' "

Though Nas is more famous than most dads, there are certain trials and tribulations that can't be eclipsed by money and fame. There are certain universal laws that all fathers face.

"You still can't escape the everyday things of your child growing up. You can be the king of Zamunda," Robinson said, referencing the fictional Africa country made famous in Eddie Murphy's 1988 comedy "Coming to America," "Or you can be a rapper, or you can be a regular guy with a regular job, but there are certain things that happen as a child grows. So, the concept of the video is that."