Lil B Releases Classical Album Choices And Flowers

By Carter Maness

Prolific one-of-a-kind rapper Lil B is known for releasing so much free music that it's near impossible to keep track of his most current work. Thousands of songs into his still-young career, he's also known for oddball experimental projects like the ambient New Age album Rain In England. Yet this most recent one from the MC who called his official debut album I'm Gay might take the crazy cake: Lil B just released a legitimate for-sale classical album on iTunes.

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Entitled Choices And Flowers, Lil B, recording here under his well-known moniker The Based God, announced the release on Twitter last night (May 22) with an ultra-positive pronouncement of its historical importance. "THE BASEDGOD HAS MADE HISTORY TODAY HE PRODUCED AND COMPOSED HIS WHOLE CLASSICAL MUSIC ALBUM," he wrote.

With song titles like "Happy To Live," "Lessons From The Wind" and "Exhale With Love In Your Chest," the Bay Area cult artist is not exactly pulling a Beethoven on the release. He still raps, focusing on minimal (mostly piano-based) production and a loose, spoken-word style.