Mixtape Daily: David Banner Debuts Sex, Drugs & Video Games

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By Rob Markman

A few weeks ago David Banner told MTV News that he was excited to drop his new mixtape  Sex, Drugs & Video Games in an effort to get back to the music. "What I'm trying to do is make the two most important parts of the musical equation ... important again: That's the artist and that's the fans," he said. Today, Banner dropped the new project.Album: David Banner's Sex, Drugs & Video Games

Key Cameo: "Amazing" (featuring Chris Brown)

Essential Info: David Banner knows a thing or two about making hit records, and he promises that his latest album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games, will feature some pretty over-the-top music and some pretty notable guests as well. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg will all appear on the LP, which Banner is offering as a free online download.

Sex, Drugs & Video Games is technically a free album, but Banner is accepting donations on his DavidBanner.com website to help artists exist outside of big corporations.

"Corporate entities have made the artists and the fans feel like they're not important, where without them, it all would fall," Banner told MTV News back in March of what he dubs the 2M1 Movement.

Banner's goals are progressive, and a good number of his LP's collaborators operate and are successful within the major-label system. In theory DB's distribution method could be a conflict of interest for some, but because of Banner's relationships with the artists he works with, he doesn't foresee any issues.

"I don't necessarily involve people in my politics. I would tell Chris all the time, Dude, I don't necessarily want you to be connected with the things that I believe in, because I know there is a certain sacrifice with the things that I believe," he said. "Only thing I tell people is the record is hot and it's my album. ... Whether I connect these songs to a movement or not, it doesn't matter because if you strip the movement off of my album, it's jammin'."

"Amazing," Banner's current club banger, features Chris Brown on the hook. Though the Mississippi rapper/producer is sending a message with this album, the song is just about having a good time. "Everybody that's around me, that supports me, they know what I stand for, and then I think vicariously through me they're actually able to express some of things that they may not want to express in their own career," he said.