Basketball Wives Episode 14: Evelyn Lozada And Jenn Face Off

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last week's "Basketball Wives" episode will go down in history for the heated altercation and purse snatching between Kesha and Tami that left Kesha literally cowering in her room. With Kesha off the island and Jenn and Kenya flying into Tahiti, there was no void of dramatic showdowns in last night's episode.

Most of the show featured the Three Musketeers (Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie) traipsing around the island smack talking about Kenya and Jenn and getting in some jet skiing in between.The trio was angered that Kenya and Jenn had not said "hi" to them since coming to Tahiti (Clearly a major dis in reality show land).

Tami and Shaunie confront Kenya and are joined by Suzie and Evelyn, who hasn't seen Kenya since their bottle throwing incident. In the first showdown. Kenya admits that she's not happy because of the bottle throwing incident. The girls try to facilitate a reconciliation but Evelyn's apology, that she can't control herself when she's angry, seems to fall flat.

In juicier news, the girls ambush the reclusive Jenn at lunch. "What you not gonna do is come to this island and not talk to me!" Tami says defiantly. Jenn remains zen while Shaunie and Tami try to rile her about her quietness and cajole a resolution between Evelyn and her. "It's escalated to a point of no return," Jenn says exasperatedly. Evelyn, who simply cannot let this conversation pass without her, walks over and demands to talk to Jenn to "keep it 100." Evelyn says she was always a loyal friend and the current icy situation really bothers her. "Evelyn we've come to the conclusion that we're not friends," Jenn says simply. She's fine with the dissolved friendship but Ev can't let it go.

Jenn literally walks away and Evelyn begins to follow her. The proverbial instigator Tami tags along too. Evelyn starts barking about the men Jenn has been with and drops a steamy tidbit that she has a list of men Jenn slept with while she was married on her phone. What the what?

The episode ends with more of Evelyn trash talking and plenty of deleted expletives. "Give me a lie detector test!" Evelyn demands. I'm sure one is already being ordered for the reunion.