Billboard Music Awards Performances: Usher, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown

 By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

What's better than one Usher? Two Ushers, of course. Usher played mind tricks on the audience during his performance of "Scream" at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The singer, outfitted in a top hat and tuxedo, began with a one-on-one dance with a female dancer in an elaborate red hood. After some quick visual trickery, the dancer disappeared and turned into a male dancer that looked an awful lot like Usher himself.

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The two played a game of shadow before ending the performance with a choreographed number. Ursh is slated to release his next album Looking 4 Myself (June 12). He sat down with MTV News' MTV First to discuss the album. "There's an emotional side to it. Over the last three years of my life, it's no secret I went through some heavy transitions and in that I really came out new," he told MTV News during "MTV First." "I came out feeling a sense of entitlement and a sense of ownership of all of that I went through to become better and in being able to survive it.

He shared further with Sway, "So I was looking for something in the music." "I was looking for something in life. I was looking for something in it has always been right here. It has always been there. So I kind of used the music as a dairy in a way, but a creative, artistic, art-in-motion diary."

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Stevie Wonder was honored with the Icon Award at the BMAS and he was then joined by Alicia Keys, performing duets on his classics "Higher Ground" and "Overjoyed" but efore getting off the stage, the pair had one more surprise in store. With a little encouragement from Stevie Wonder, Keys belted out the chorus on Jay-Z's hit single "Empire State of Mind."