Chris Brown Performs 'Turns Up The Music' At Billboard Music Awards

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chris Brown brought out his BMX skills to the Billboard Music Awards tonight. The singer rode onstage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to perform his high-energy "Turn Up the Music" against a colorful, bike ramp backdrop dubbed the "Fun Zone." Breezy, outfitted in a leopard fur-lined jacket (opened to show off his muscular, tattooed chest) and bandana, gave the crowd his usual choreographed dancing, including some impressive twirls and turns at the end.

Fans on Twitter were divided on the number and despite finding it overall entertaining, some blasted the singer for apparently lip-syncing. Fans tweeted sentiments like, "What's the point of performing live if you're gonna lip sync? You should just become a back up dancer" alongside "I don't mind Chris Brown lip synching ..... at least he PERFORMS !!!" and "CB performance never disappoints."

The jury was also out in regards to his fashion choice for the performance too. Marie Claire's Fashion Director Nina Garcia tweeted "is Chris Brown the new Abercrombie model? Fur parka & shirtless" while Hot 97 radio personality Miss Info poked "chris brown's got a furby bomber and a doobie scarf on! Yay."

Brown himself seemed ambivalent before his performance, tweeting, "Billboard awards?????? ..... Um.. Ok.. Im Down!"

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