Did 'Basketball Wives' Purse-Snatching Episode Go Too Far?

By Rebecca Thomas

This week, Basketball Wives went left, as VH1's Tami Roman would say. Yes, the popular reality TV show is known to kick off an epi with vase-hurling, hair-pulling, clutch-smacking brawls, but on Monday, something just wasn't right. To alleviate ongoing tensions among the NBA (ex-) Wives, castmate and executive producer Shaunie O'Neal cooked up another one of her, um, relaxing group getaways—this time to Tahiti.

Basketball Wives' Tami Roman On Newcomers Kenya, Kesha

So Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, Suzie and newbie Kesha packed their Louis bags and headed to the South Pacific for some R&R, with plans for fellow "Wives" Kenya and Jennifer to follow.

Not long after arriving, the ladies gathered at a bar for shots and appetizers, and things seemed to be all right. Ex-New Jersey Nets dancer Kesha made small talk, asking the women how they met, the highs and lows of their year ... harmless enough, right? Wrong. The line of questioning hit Tami in a bad way, more like an "interview" she said, than a conversation, and she was having none of it.

Kenny Anderson's ex-wife had a few questions of her own, namely, why had Kesha continued to vent her frustration with Tami to others instead of confronting the MTV "Real World" alum directly. Unsatisfied with Kesha's attempts to throw water on things, and with blabby Suzie suddenly mum, things quickly escalated.

What followed was one of the most ridiculous reality TV segments we've seen in a long time: Tami took Kesha's purse (including wallet and phone) hostage and vowed not to return it until the ex-dancer groveled and begged for it back. Too frightened for her safety, Kesha locked herself in her bungalow, a grown-ass woman reduced to a sniveling terrified mess. Incredibly, this brought Evelyn "You Ain't About That Life" Lozado to tears, too. She and Shaunie pleaded with Tami to show Kesha some mercy—to no avail. We caught a replay of the ep around midnight on Monday, and Twitter was still ablaze. Die-hard fans were calling on VH1, the reality gods, anyone to put a stop to this.

Looks like the ladies knew a backlash was coming though, rumor has it the reunion special will address all the madness, even rumors that Tami might not be back for a fifth season. Stay tuned.