Diggy Throws A Party For 'Two Up' Video

By Rob Markman

Welcome to Diggy’s house party! For the latest video off of his debut album, Unexpected Arrival young Mr. Simmons throws an underground jam, but not just anyone can kick it. The Clifton Bell-directed video is a full-on celebration, opening with a lone sparkler lighting the night sky, before he transitions to a silhouette of Diggy playing the air piano in time with the track’s opening keys. The rookie MC has lots to toast to; at the age of 17 he has already starred in a television show, toured the country and released his first rap album. “Two up, for this great life/ If it feels right,” the son of Run begins to spit waving his two fingers in the air to further illustrate his words.

As Diggs begins his opus the specially invited guests start file in the club door, which is guarded by a stone-faced bouncer who is three times the size of any one of the teens in attendance. The crisp-looking clip is essentially split into two parts. It’s energy is propelled by the party scene filled with wide-eyed club goers; but it’s sincerity is brought forth with a solo performance shot where a well-dressed Diggy raps to himself in an empty room.

Every word is accentuated with theatrical hand movements and matching facial expressions. On the song’s first verse the Airborne MC verbally lists his hip-hop influences while he simultaneously counts them down on his fingers. “I’m Illmatic Nas, Reasonable Jay/ My Adidas run, that’s reasonable to say,” he spits paying homage to Nasty Nas, Jay-Z and his dad Reverend Run in a single breath.

In the vid Simmons tosses another, more subtle throw to another rap great. Portions of his performance shots are silhouetted against a white background, creating an effect similar to the one in Kanye West’s video for his 2007 track “Homecoming.” It’s a nice (and respectable) touch.

Without a care in the world, Diggy makes it hard not enjoy both his new single and its accompanying video. By the time the clip draws to a close, Simmons is the last to arrive to his own bash—fashionably late, of course.

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