Master P Salutes Mystikal For Cash Money Deal, Details Future Of No Limit

By Maurice Bobb

Weeks after Percy “Master P” Miller made his triumphant return to the stage as a surprise guest of A$AP Rocky at Coachella for a special performance of “Make Em Say Uhh!” and “I Miss My Homies” (dedicated to Trayvon Martin), the veteran rapper/mogul hit the Core DJs Mix Show Live 2012 event in Dallas to lay the groundwork for his revamped No Limit Forever imprint, where he talked about his relationship with Rocky and his former No Limit soldier Mystikal, who recently signed with competing label Cash Money Records.

“Me and the lil homie talked, man,” said the No Limit capo of Pretty Flacko. “He definitely the future and I’m definitely a part of helping the next generation. I think he’s like one of the hottest in the game. A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill…to be able to give ‘em what I can give ‘em and the ones that listen, it’s just incredible to see that people love reaching out and they want OG’s to help ‘em. Big up to A$AP, I salute him. Being a real man understanding life and saying man if I don’t know something, put some experts around me. The youngster gon’ be big.”

It’s all about the new with The Ice Cream Man, especially after one of his former No Limit soldiers, Mystikal, defected to Cash Money Records after his prison stint. But, contrary to the rumor mill, he says there are no hard feelings.

“I think it’s good because of the timing,” Master P said. “We just starting to get back into this business and Mystikal, I thought that was more like a money thing, you know what I’m saying? Cash Money hot right now. It’s always been a friendly competition with us, but at the end of the day, I salute him. He gotta do what he gotta do for his family. But with us, we after something bigger, we don’t mind waiting it out. We gon’ starve together, we gon’ eat together and I think that’s what it’s about with us. We still building our thing so when he first got out of jail, he needed something to get himself back out there. Right now we in a rebuilding process. So I salute Mystikal. We gon’ always do records, he always gon’ be in my heart, but also I gotta let him be a man and do what he gotta do and that’s what he doing.”

A major part of No Limit’s rebuilding process will championed by the New Orleans vet’s son, Romeo, who will serve as the president of the label moving forward, with the man who once called himself the Ghetto Bill Gates serving as chairman. “It’s his time,” Master P said. “I feel like I’m the Godfather and he Tony Montana. He went back to school and he learnt his business, technology. He went to USC and got so many young people around him that know the technology business so why not takeover? He’s been groomed. He’s been groomed to be the next boss in this business.”

Romeo may have the reins to the once upon a time hip-hop hit factory, but Miller wants to prove he’s still ‘bout it, ‘bout it by bringing that New Orleans gumbo style back to rap.

“I hooked the deal up with Meek Mill and Rick Ross, so you know, hopefully we’ll do something real soon,” Master P said. “I just did a record with Meek Mill and then we’ll all mix it up, cause it’s all love over here. We in this business not for the fame, we in it for the fortune. And showing that next generation how to get paid, that’s what it’s about because everybody else just want a hit record. You get a hit record and get played, you ain't gon make no money you know and these record companies is taking control of these artists lives and making ‘em dependent. I’m gonna teach this next generation how to eat, how to make that bread, how to make that money.”

And to those that hink P. Miller, who recently celebrated his 45th birthday, is past his prime, he has this to say:

“I feel like I’m the one OG that’s relevant enough with the real slang that can compete with this generation,” Master P said. “Everybody else don’t wanna change they slang and they swag up to compete with this generation. I don’t mind doing that with my music. That’s why I’m staying in touch with this generation. I think that I can help them and show ‘em at the same time how to get money. But you gotta be relevant and if you don’t have a hit record you not relevant.”