Footage Of Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt In Samoa Surfaces

By Carter Maness

At first, no one really knew where Earl Sweatshirt, the hyper-lyrical member of Odd Future, had disappeared to. Though cries to 'Free Earl' were omnipresent throughout the Internet and at the crew's shows, it was only a year ago that Complex broke the story that Earl was actually at a boarding school in Samoa. Now, finally, Earl has returned to California and resumed his music career. More information about his experiences has surfaced with a recent New York Times feature and a video posted yesterday (May 7) on Odd Future Talk that shows Earl's quite-peaceful life overseas.

The clip provides a first (and maybe only) glimpse into Earl's life overseas, showing him giving a tour of his temporary housing, sliding down a serene waterfall, giving a humble radio interview where he neglects to rap and eating pizza.

It appears the time was educational and restful for Earl. He'll need that energy. Earl has plans to release three albums in the next year, including his first solo effort and a collaborative LP with his best friend Tyler, The Creator.

He also has an upcoming track with Santigold – the result of some Twitter praise that hit at the right time.

"I saw a tweet. I guess somebody re-tweeted that Earl said 'I like Santigold, would love to do something.' And I was like, 'OK!' " Santigold recently told MTV News. "I mean, he's so cool, he's such a cute, awesome dude. And they were at Coachella, and they were the first ones up onstage — we invite people up onstage [during her performance] — and they came and did some major booty-shaking moves. And a couple of them came to our MOCA show in LA. We did this event that Mike D curated ... and they came there and caught the show."