Nicki Minaj Appears In Pepsi's 'Live For Now' Ad

By Rob Markman

Last week we got the first still shot of Nicki Minaj from Pepsi's new "Live For Now" campaign, and this week the full ad featuring the YMCMB superstar has premiered. Minaj is one of a few stars--including Katy Perry and Michael Jackson--who are featured in the new commercial series.

Nicki first tweeted out a link for the one-minute, 33 second spot Sunday afternoon, then celebrated with her newly recovered Twitter flock. "Can't do it w/o my barbz!" she wrote in response to one excited fan.

The commercial starts with the crack of a can, as the spot's two principal characters begin to drink their Pespi Cola. At the same time, Minaj's "Moment 4 Life" begins to play as the lively soda drinkers navigate through various scenes in which everyone else is frozen in time. Together, they find a skateboarder stuck in midair trying to land a kick-flip, then run through a suspended soccer game on the beach, a food fight and a Betsey Johnson runway show. In fact, even Johnson herself is stuck, unable to move.

The spot seems to suggest that Pepsi loyalists enjoy a full, adventurous life united by both cola and song. By the time the commercial's two lead actors reach their final destination, a sold-out Nicki Minaj concert, they discover frenzied Barbz and Kens frozen in the stands while a statue Nicki stands onstage in mid-song.

With her eyes wide and pink wig perfectly in place, the Roman ReloadedMC is rescued when the two heroes each crack another can of pop. It is then that Minaj is able to finish her song and invites everyone to one big world party, even if it only lasts a few short moments.