Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor 2 Is A Double Album

By Carter Maness

After last year's pop-oriented Lasers LP, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is declaring that his upcoming effort, a sequel to his fan-favorite debut Food & Liquor, will be a return to form. Fiasco recently announced that he had completed the album, which we've now learned will be a double record in two parts.

"Food & Liquor 2 is the follow-up, the sequel to my first album Food & Liquor. This is my fourth album, and this is actually a part one and part two, it's a double album," he recently told FUSE. "With this record, I wanted to go back to the essence of what made that record so special, the frame of mind I was in when I did Food & Liquor the first time around.

For Fiasco, it's not about reliving the past, but being the artist he wants to be without industry or label considerations. He is confident the album is a reflection of his true persona. "It's the Lupe Fiasco I want to be without industry constraints, without the trying to please the hardcore fans or get the new fans," he continued. "It's just what I would do for myself if nobody ever heard it."

Setting a hopeful release date for May 22, Fiasco highlighted a new track, "Form Follows Function," as the blueprint for his new work. "It's a monster," he said. "Nobody's f---- with that."