Rick Ross' Storytelling On God Forgives, I Don't Will Be Memorable

Rick Ross's fifth LP God Forgives, I Don't has been a long time in the making, but the MMG CEO promises that the final product will take fans on a roller coaster ride, punctuated by bone-chilling rap tales that find him stepping up his lyrical game. "This is my best project yet," Ross told MTV News in NYC this week. "God Forgives, I Don't is a very dark story."

After a number of setbacks, Ross stamped a July 31 release date on the album he's touting as hip-hop's "most anticipated album of the year."

"It's extremely lyrical. The music is next level," Ross said. "I'm expecting nothing but the biggest results. The collaborations is gonna surprise a few of you guys."

"Surprising" is one way to describe these past months for MTV's Hottest MC in the Game. Rozay triumphantly rose to the occasion earlier this year when he released the highly successful Rich Forever mixtape just a month after he was stricken with multiple seizures. Now, with all signs pointing toward GFID, Ross is looking to deliver on the hype of the album.

"I think the stories being told on this record is going to make it stand apart from all the other albums I've ever done," says Ross. "By the time you get to track two, you gonna understand this is a completely different body of work."

The rapper/entrepreneur's stock has ballooned with every major album release, and God Forgives, I Don't should fair no different, possibly even catapulting him into the upper echelon of galactic hip-hop MCs like Jay-Z and Nas.

"This was the missing part of my legacy," Ross stated. "This is what's going to put me over the top right there."