50 Cent And Joan Rivers Co-star In 'Street King' Commercial

50 Cent tapped Joan Rivers to co-star in his new 'Street King' energy drink commercial, where the feisty icon, decked out in chinchilla, tries to seduce the beefed-up MC. MTV News caught up with Joan Rivers in New York City when she filmed the clip with 50 Cent recently and she only had the most positive things to say about her co-star. 

“He is adorable,” she dished. “I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I was going to get a smart-ass rapper and he is adorable and smart and cute and funny. He’s just adorable. He certainly understands what we’re doing, which is lovely cause he’s making it fun to improvise.”

Rivers was totally cool with her role, of trying to seduce 50, joking, “I dated his father a dollar thirty for years. We were an item. People thought it was what I cost, but we were an item. 50 can be my son, 50 can be my lover. We could have dated with Demi and Ashton, if this was two years ago.