Santigold Forgot Lyrics While Performing For Jay-Z, Beyonce At 'Make Believe' Party

By: Uptin Saiidi(@uptin)

"What up, Jay!" Santigold shouted out onstage earlier this week while performing at New York's Bowery Ballroom. The show was put on as part of an album release party for her sophomore project Master of My Make-Believe which dropped Tuesday after fans had to wait four long years.

Santigold recently stopped by MTV News where she talked about her new album and the album release party. "I invited Jay-Z down and he asked me, 'who in their right mind plans an event on the same day as the playoffs?', 'you're lucky I like you,'" she laughed. "Beyonce came and it was really nice."

"A lot of people came, Ezra from Vampire Weekend, Mos Def, it was great to see the support from other artists."

Toward the end, the Philly-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter came out for an encore to perform, "You'll Find A Way," but was stopped when she drew a blank and couldn't remember the lyrics.

The fans started singing her parts of the song, but it wasn't enough for the artist to start back up again. Of course, she appropriately found a way to sing the song when a member of the audience quickly looked up the words, "I tried to start three times, finally this girl handed me her iPhone with the lyrics on it and I performed it reading, it was so good, I was so grateful," she said. "Sometimes you just get a block, once you forget it, it's not coming back."