Rihanna Tweets Photos From Strip Club With Meek Mill

By Nicole Rosado

Bad gal Rihanna hit the strip club to release some stress in New York City last night as soon as she returned from her "Battleship" promo in Hawaii, where she helped MMG rapper Meek Mill celebrate his birthday. She displayed her wild night by tweeting, "Best stress reliever = $tripper$. Kill it Tip it...#cake,” and “ROCstarsh--t my daddy would be proud... RoleModelSh--" along with some NSFW photos. 

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One photo Rihanna tweeted of herself shows a stack of cash in her hand while throwing dollar bills at two dancers. A second photo she tweeted shows herself holding a drink with her teeth and reaching for more cash while a blonde dancer bends over in front of her.

It seems like Rihanna’s half naked tweeting spree’s and ‘I do what I want’ lifestyle have kept fans and onlookers interested. Another recent spark of controversy started when photos of Rihanna hanging out and smoking marijuana in the Coachella crowd were posted.

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Rihanna usually posts grainy, unfinished photos from her phone to show everyone what she’s been up and most photos show off a more raunchy and provocative side of the pop-star.

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