Beyonce vs. Rihanna: Two Different Takes On Social Media

By Carter Maness

On Monday (April 30), the Bits blog at the New York Times had a great post on the opposing social media personalities of Beyonce and Rihanna – two massive pop stars that couldn't be more different. We've broken down their analysis with some of our own insights. 


Most used: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Everything

Overall style: Unhinged with a hint of I-do-what-I-want defiance, Rihanna is unfiltered. She says what she wants when she wants and often posts dozens of pictures and comments each day.

Photo preference: As raw as possible, Rihanna posts most photos from her camera phone. They tend to be grainy and unpolished, highlighting her figure, jetsetting lifestyle and love of life's many substances.

Public interaction: Rihanna will fight. If you push the wrong button at the wrong time, expect a response. She even mocked us at MTV, which, well, is kind of awesome.

Brand reflection: As Ri's career has progressed, she has emphasized her personal freedom to do what she wants above all else. This is often sexual in nature, but it's always raw. Her use of social media reflects those values and, while offering a glimpse into her crazy lifestyle, shows that you'd have trouble keeping up.


Most used: Tumblr, Twitter

Overall style: Poised, professional, affable and inspirational, Beyonce presents a serene version of her life. There's a lot of polish in her photos and writing and much of the material seems vetted to provide the most mature image possible. She posts far less than most major recording artists and started using social media only recently.

Photo preference: Glossy as can be, Beyonce's photos would be right at home in a fashion magazine. She has chosen to push the media's incessant rumors to the backburner by providing a lovely window into her marriage with Jay-Z and first year with daughter Blue Ivy. Oh, also, amazing vacations!

Public interaction: Baring the rare super-nice letter to first lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce maintains her aura as an untouchable pop star. She won't fight with you nor make you retweet a pre-order link. She uses social media to express rather than converse.

Brand reflection: Beyonce presents an adult, empowered, sometimes-breezy image that's the perfect reflection of her recent music.