Jennifer Hudson's Family Murder Trial: 911 Call Released

The murder trial for Jennifer Hudson's slain family began in April, with the singer giving a very emotional testimony on the stands during the first days in court. This week, the troubling 911 call that Hudson's sister, Julia Hudson, placed when she found her mother's lifeless body in 2008 been released by the judge.

Julia Hudson's ex-husband, 30-year-old William Balfour, is accused of murdering Hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. In the harrowing 911 call, placed after Julia Hudson first entered the house and found her mother, the anguish is unmistakable.

"Oh my God ... Somebody's killed my mother," Julia Hudson is heard screaming into the phone after discovering her mother's body.  "She's on the floor and I see blood coming from her head." "Somebody's killed my mother! Somebody's killed my mother! Please!"

Hudson confirms that she needs an ambulance on site, noting that she can't find her son. "I don't know where Julian is or nothing and I'm here by myself," she says, noting that she "just got home from work" and "there's a bullet hole in our front door."

Prosecutors in the case tried to prevent the tape from being released since the jurors have not begun deliberations, but Cook County Judge Charles Burns ruled in favor of it's public releasing, noting that jurors have been warned to to read news reports about the high profile case.