DJ Khaled Reacts To Tour Bus Explosion In Video Clip

By Carter Maness

Last Friday night (April 27), DJ Khaled's tour bus caught on fire and exploded. No one was injured, but earlier today (April 30) Khaled released a video clip that was filmed as the bus was engulfed in flames behind him. "I just lost all my jewelry, all my clothes, and a lot of other valuables," the stressed producer/DJ says in the clip, detailing his losses in front of the very-much-burning bus.

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"Also, I just lost my entire bus that just blew the f--- up. We out here promoting Kiss The Ring. When I tell y'all s--- be real, s--- be real. I don't sleep. I make sure my team is good. My family is good. I take on other peoples' problems. I deal with a lot of s---. This ain't no rented bus."

Never one to even consider a hustling delay, Khaled was still taken aback by losing so much property with a single explosion. "Basically, what I'm saying is this might be the realest blog, vlog, whatever you wanna call it," he added. "S--- like this I lost everything… So basically what I'm tryna tell you is this s--- stressful, but it ain't gonna stop what I'm tryna do. It ain't gonna make me stop from climbing the mountain top."

Khaled and crew were on the way to perform at the 2012 Grad Bash in Orlando, FL – a gig that was subsequently canceled. There are still no concrete details to how the fire started in the first place.