N.O.R.E. Remixes Brian McKnight's Sexual Song

By Carter Maness

What a week for Brian McKnight! After raising the Internet's collective eyebrows with his adult-oriented "If You're Ready To Learn," rappers are now sampling and remixing the track to provide their own female pleasure tips. N.O.R.E., not the first candidate you'd think of in this case, is the first up to bat with the Scram Jones-produced "P---y Works."

Brian McKnight Officially Re-Releasing Sexual Anthem

The track samples the sweet crooning offer from McKnight to "show you how your p---y works" before breaking into a insistent, clicking beat. N.O.R.E. goes about as filthy as possible, giving his own personal how-to guide for those times between the sheets.

For McKnight, who pulled the song preview from YouTube last week, the response has been so overwhelming that he's officially releasing the song to iTunes tomorrow (May 1). "This has been the most informative week of my entire life," McKnight tweeted earlier today. "I've learned a lot."

Apparently, an informative week also yields a guest appearance offer for the upcoming AVN Awards – the leading annual adult industry awards show. According to TMZ, McKnight was offered a flight to Las Vegas to perform "If You're Ready To Learn" for the best and brightest in the porn world.

YouPorn.com, one of the highest traffic-yelding websites, has also reached out to McKnight in attempt to make the track its official background music. McKnight, who last week claimed he only wrote the song because he went stir-crazy, might have to leave the house soon if its success continues.