Usher Feat. Rick Ross - 'Lemme See' (Looking for Myself)

Usher is gearing up to drop his album Looking for Myself--with the release of "Climax" and "Scream" thus far--and his latest single is the Rick Ross-featured "Lemme See." The R&B star went for an upbeat club anthem with "Scream," but he slows things down again with a new verse from Rozay.

"This album has many different views and many different perspectives," Usher recently told MTV News.  "Whereas the first song was a little bit more artistic and a little bit more soulful, and it has done everything, it probably exceeded my expectations, I mean, from the moment I was able to give it away. I was able to kind of be reintroduced in a way musically, and thank you to [producer] Diplo, but 'Scream' is really like the next step. It's just in time for summer and the type of experience that I want people to get out of the album."

"It's a ton of other experiences and a ton of other walks ... as I've had this long journey over the last year [and] every bit of what I've experienced I've put into a creative, artistic way," he said.