Jadakiss Drops Consignment Mixtape

Jadakiss released his Consignment mixtape this week, hosted by DJ Drama. HipHopDX caught up with Kiss and he explained how the collaboration came about. "I did The Champ Is Here Part 3 as a partnership- Gangsta Grillz/Invasion - which had [DJ] Green Lantern and DJ Drama, but this is actually my first Gangsta Grillz with just me and Drama," The Lox rapper explained. "It was kinda like a mutual thing, but I reached out to him because I had a lot of "Down South" features and it just seemed like it coincided to have the hottest mixtape deejay from the South. " 

At the time when I reached out to him, I was like, "Yo, I just need you to do this Gangsta Grillz. What’s going on?," he’s like, "No doubt, I just need you to do this 16 for this song for me…," so I did that and it was just like, you know, a swap out. That’s basically how everything gets accomplished in the industry, ‘cause everybody got a couple dollars, but it goes off your relationship.