Nicki Minaj Hits The Beach In 'Starships' Video

By Rob Markman

Nicki Minaj has teased us with photos from the set of her "Starships" video for a few weeks now, and on Thursday night (April 26) the full clip finally premiered on MTV, giving fans a look at the YMCMB star in all of her bikini-clad glory. 

The Anthony Mandler-directed clip begins with a computer-generated UFO circling a tranquil Hawaiian island looking for a soft spot to land. While the natives lie on the beach, Ms. Minaj gets beamed down into the shallow waters sporting green hair and a sexy pink bathing suit.

It was back in March when pictures from the set first made their way online, and now that the video is finally here, it was clearly worth the wait. To see the Young Money starlet in motion is a thing of beauty. Not only does the curvaceous rap star frolic in the water, she then crawls through the sand on all fours creating a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue sort of moment.

The Minaj idol worship is in full effect as buff and tattooed male servants carry her around the island like the queen she is, but as the beat on the RedOne-produced dance hit picks up, so does the video's action. By the time the song's electro breakdown kicks in, the party gets jumping and Mandler employs a groovy kaleidoscope visual effect, which precisely captures the track's energy.

The clip climaxes as bonfires are set, flaming staffs are twirled and body paint is tossed about. Nicki parties hard with her flock jumping up and down, fist-pumping and dancing the night away. There's no grand story line or deep, hidden meaning; instead the Harajuku Barbie simply offers up a good time. The "Starships" video isn't exactly rocket science, it's just fly — exactly how it was meant to be.