Nas Releases 'Daughters' From Life Is Good Album

By Andrés Marín

Nas has released the follow up to his recent Life is Good single “The Don." On the new track, "Daughters," the Queens legend gets poetic, sharing the feelings that fathers have, instinctively wanting to protect their own girls. Of course, he does it in his straight-forward polemic tone, putting his uncanny lyrical ability on display. (Listen here)

Nas' 'Daughters' Single Draws Fire From His Child's Mother

This track can’t play all the way through without moving those who know what it's like to be a dad, and hopefully even those who don’t know. Nas gets introspective and detailed on the song, rapping about a daughter who “planted a box of condoms on her dresser, then she Instagramed it." “At this point I realized I ain’t the strictest parent” he raps.

The song has a very deep and truthful message. After revealing secrets of his life on Behind the Music, Nas could not be more sincere and well-intentioned. The J-Dilla-style song raises awareness for everyone, including youth.

Nas’ new album Life is Good will drop on July 17 this year. It's been a long time; it's been years since I released a solo studio album, so this record is everything," Nas told MTV News in March. "This is everything that I've got to say — I guess you've got to live a little and you put that in your music, so it's coming from my life."

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