Brian McKnight Officially Re-Releasing Sexual Anthem

By Carter Maness

Adult-contemporary R&B crooner Brian McKnight has had quite the week after he pivoted from his usual family-friendly style to a more adult-oriented approach. Teasing a new "adult mixtape," McKnight posted a racy preview of a song called "If You're Ready To Learn," and fans quickly honed-in on the lyric, "Let me show you how your p---y works."  Of course, much Twitter backlash ensued and McKnight finally explained that he made the song after going stir-crazy due to a bum ankle.

"I've been home for a month," McKnight told TMZ Live earlier this week. "I've got this boot on my foot. I'm like a month away from Achilles tendon survey, so I've been stuck in my house."

So, basically, McKnight was at home, horny and went crazy enough to soil his image a little bit in order to let those sexual feelings run free. Laughing, he claimed the song is a parody and not meant to be taken too seriously. "I'm having fun because basically I have nothing else to do," he added.

That doesn't exactly mean he's shying away from making the more adult-oriented music. While premiering the song, McKnight explained that recent conversations with both sexes also inspired a move towards a more graphic sexual stance in his lyrics.

"There's lots of conversations I've had with men, lots of conversation I've had with women, just about other sexual type things that I'd like to tackle," he said in a YouTube clip previewing "If You're Ready To Learn."

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