B.o.B Collaborates With Nicki Minaj On 'Out Of My Mind'

By Andrés Marín

A few days away from dropping his Strange Clouds LPB.o.B. turns the knob even higher by releasing his collaboration with Nicki Minaj. “Out of My Mind” is perfectly titled for its insanity and high energy schizophrenia. 

Following the line of synth-heavy dance-hop vibe from his other singles like “So Hard to Breathe” or “Both of us” with Taylor Swift; “Out of my Mind” couldn’t have had a better addition than Nicki. After the Atlanta rapper sets us in anxiety mode, the eccentric queen of Barbs raps some unexpected lines. She is even coming at B.o.B. “a couple of hit songs got you thinking you a heartthrob?” and she also sings a few lines. Vocal effects revolving your head and wobbly bass set us out our minds too.

Bobby Ray assured MTV News that he learned a lot from his 2010 album B.o.B Presents: The adventures of Bobby Ray. Strange Clouds comes out with a lot more experience this Tuesday, May 1"Strange Clouds as well as the mixtape, I feel really like everything is refined — like the lyrics, the beats, the production, the hook, the vocal performance," he said. "I really put a lot of creative energy and time into developing the songs and the music. You know, after experiencing what it's like to put out an album, and tour it — I learned a lot from that and that helped a lot in this process of making this Strange Clouds album."