Wiz Khalifa And Taylor Gang Cover The Source

 By Marvin Van Buren

Wiz Khalifa stands tall, draped in the American flag, accompanied by his Taylor Gang crew on the latest cover of The Source. The cover features the Pittsburgh rapper along with Juicy J, Lola Monroe, and Chevy Woods. The issue covers the impact that Wiz has had on hip-hop in the last couple of years and examines each member including producers Cardo and Sledgren. 

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The article also goes into Wiz’s intimate relationship with fiancée Amber Rose and of course Wiz discusses his highly anticipated sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. that is due out for release at the end of this summer.

Yesterday Wiz dropped his first official single from O.N.I.F.C, Work Hard Play Hard.” The song features production from Stargate and a more serious flow from Wiz. This is the second major collaboration between the two since Stargate produced Wiz’s smash hit “Black and Yellow” in 2010.  His upcoming album is set to feature artists such as, Cam’ron, Pharrell and the Curren$y.

In regards to the album, Wiz stated, "It's gonna be amazing. People should look for the complete package, so I don't wish to separate anything from anything. The single is amazing, 'Work Hard Play Hard.' It's gonna be stupid."