Mixtape Daily: Mick Boogie Tributes Beastie Boys With Grand Royal

In honor of the Beastie Boys being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week, DJ Mick Boogie has rolled out his first mixtape tributing the legendary Brooklyn group. Grand Royal includes 80 minutes of his favorite Beastie Boys classics, remixes, demos, live versions and more. "The Beastie Boys changed my life as a kid. I was a young guy playing drums in his basement who taught myself how to be a hip-hop deejay," Mick Boogie tells RapFix.

"Albums like Check Your Head went seamlessly from punk to jazz fusion to dusty, sample-filled hiphop. It shaped my whole musical identity." Download here.

To make it an extra special experience the world renowned, Brooklyn-based DJ tapped his pal Jonathan Mannion (the legendary photographer behind 8 Jay-Z albums, 3 Eminem albums, Lil Wayne, Nas, Aaliyah, the list goes on and on) to re-shoot the iconic cover from the Beastie’s 1989 classic Paul’s Boutique.

"It's difficult to sum up in one or two sentences the visual impact that the Beastie Boys had on popular culture," Mannion tells RapFix. "For me it's all about their relentless energy. They took creative chances and pushed the borders out a little farther then anyone had before giving a voice to a unique set of fringe listeners (punk rockers, skateboarders, drinkers / smokers, creative people, etc.) who responded so strongly to the still underground movement of hip hop. The Beastie Boys stand for something... they represent so much that was great about NYC... they are true originals and remain so to this day!"

This video above, shot by Sasha and Roman of CNNCTD, follows Mick Boogie and Mannion to the famous LES location where Paul’s Boutique was originally photographed. Mick Boogie also collaborated with Homage to do a limited-edition tee for the release, with portions of the proceeds going to Adam Yauch’s favorite cancer charities. Support the tee here.