Kid Parodies Kanye West's 'Way Too Cold' In Video Clip

By Gil Kaufman

Kanye West's most recent solo single has already had a name change, switching from "Theraflu" to "Way too Cold," (complete with amended artwork) and there's been no word on when or if Ye will drop a video to accompany it. If he does, it's sure to be quite artistic, so in the meantime, be entertained by this "Way Too Cold" rendition from a little boy named Caleb, who has just as much--if not more--swag than Mr. West. 

Director Ashley Smith posted the unofficial clip for the song on his Vimeo page on Thursday that, well, just kills it. The can't-look-away video stars a ridiculously cute half-pintreportedly named Caleb as Kanye and the kid is a star. As he struts the streets with his leggy blonde companion (holding her hand at first, awwww), mini 'Ye rips the song's lyrics, yes, even the four-and five-letter ones in a video that is the viral opposite of one of West's typically high-concept, arty pieces.

His swagger is unmistakable as he moves through Manhattan past some of Yeezy's favorite luxury New York outlets while his companion shakes it for him. All the while, Caleb keeps it cool behind some shades and a mini leather jacket, aping the lyrics by throwing up the Roc to prove his allegiance.

And, then, for reasons known only to Smith, actors wearing Donald Trump, Condoleezza Rice, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin masks pop up, posing menacingly on the street, that is when they're not grinding on each other. How ridiculous is the kid? At one point he pulls off a flawless split, his hand triumphantly up in the air before breaking into a coughing fit as Theraflu pours out into a measuring cup.

The good news is that Smith might have plenty more material to choose from, since DJ Khaled recently told MTV News that he and Kanye have plenty more tracks cooking.

"Me and Kanye West went back in the lab and we made another record and got some features on there too," Khaled said, without revealing too much about the next tune. "I can't really talk about it, so expect another monstrous earthquake to hit the streets."