Snoop Dogg Joins Willie Nelson On 'Roll Me Up,' Drops 'Stoner's Anthem' Video

By Carter Maness

On holidays, it's best to look toward patron saints for guidance. And just as Santa has Christmas on lock, Snoop Dogg has dominated each year's 4/20 celebration of all things grassy and green since we were kids. This year, never to let us down, Snoop provided a special treat by teaming up with the rest of super-stoned legends (Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Jamey Johnson) for a new country song called, yes, "Roll Me Up.

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While Snoop might seem out of place at first, he actually goes into crooner mode, hamming it up Texan-style in the image of Willie. It's a bit jarring, but the track is worth it for Nelson's bizarre opening ode to marijuana.

"Roll me up and smoke me when I die," he sings.

Of course, that's not Snoop's only contribution. The legendary MC finally dropped his video for "Stoner's Anthem" today. It's just as slow, laidback and light as the song itself, featuring Tha Doggfather kicking back glassy eyed, rolling a few numbers and greatly enjoying the chair he's sitting in.

Stay tuned for Reincarnated, Snoop Dogg's 12th full-length, which he has teased for release later this year.