Rihanna Will Join Eli Manning On 'Saturday Night Live'

By John Mitchell

Rihanna will appear on "Saturday Night Live" on May 5 for the third time and she'll be in good company. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is set to host the late-night show, while Rihanna will perform and she'll likely pop up in a few sketches as well. 

The pop star has a long history with the show and has always been a standout guest. While she always nails it on stage for her musical performance, Rihanna also tends to pop up throughout the show to flex her comedy muscles in sketches and, most notably, in rumored-to-be-departing Andy Samberg's buzzed-about digital shorts.

Her first "Shy Ronnie" short landed an Emmy nomination and she reprised the role for another digital short over Halloween weekend in 2010, playing Clyde to Shy Ronnie's Bonnie as the unlikely couple holds up a bank and Ronnie's bashful nature causes their plan to go array.

For all intents and purposes, Rihanna's appearance is to promote both her album Talk That Talk and her film debut in the upcoming "Battleship," but for those still keeping an eye on the happenings of Ri Ri and ex Chris Brown, it's worth noting that May 5 is also Brown's birthday, so get ready for plenty of "will Chris Brown show up for a surprise appearance" speculation.

The gig will be Manning's first time hosting, though he made a brief cameo when his brother, Peyton, hosted in 2007.