Kanye West Changes 'Theraflu' Title To 'Way Too Cold'

Kanye West dropped his "Theraflu" single last week, stirring up the usual frenzy that follows a Kanye West release...and then some. In addition to throwing a few words at PETA on the hook, Ye also addressed his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, his feelings for Kim Kardashian and his hard feelings for her ex Kris Humphries. Early on Sunday morning, Ye announced that he's now changed the name of his single, tweeting, "I changed the name of the song THERAFLU to WAY TOO COLD and you can buy it now at KanyeWest.com.

There has been speculation that the title was changed due to objections from Theraflu, but West's website makes no mention of that, in an article that states,"Kanye announces the creative decision to title the track 'WAY TOO COLD' feat. DJ Khaled." The name change comes complete with new artwork, which now shows the naked, headless torso of a woman topped with a bottle of cold milk.

On "Way Too Cold" Kanye saves his most impressive bars for the second go verse when he admits to falling in love with Kim Kardashian, addresses his ex-flame Amber Rose again and even name drops her fiancé Wiz Khalifa with four simple lines: “The whole industry wanna f--k ya old chick/ Only n---a I got respect for is Wiz/ And I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim/ Around the same time she had fell in love with him.”