Mobb Deep Attend New York Knicks Game

What breakup?

Last night embattled hip-hop group Mobb Deep were spotted together courtside for the New York Knicks' thrashing against the Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden in NYC. A photo of the two together put to bed any suggestions of a breakup for the Mobb Deep following a series of tweets Havoc fired at Prodigy earlier this week.

"Even Mobb Deep were in the crowd" sports announcer Alan Hahn first revealed during the Knicks' post-show on the MSG network.

The photo of Mobb Deep put an end to the drama where it all began on Easter Sunday when the Grammy award winning producer's phone was allegedly stolen after he left the Knicks game and hours later a barrage of messages popped up on his Twitter account that went harder at his rhyme partner than his thunderous beats he's known for.

The Breakfast Club of New York’s Power 105 morning radio show unveiled a piece of audio where a man, who sounds like Havoc is heard making disparaging remarks. “He gay. I had to smack him like a month and a half ago when we were doin’ South by Southwest,” the voice said.

Prodigy was never identified by name in the audio clip, but the sentiments in the clip matched much of the the slanderous messages that were sent from Havoc’s since deleted Twitter account on Monday morning."I got n---as in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was f---ing homes in jail," he wrote. "Now i will silence... and let the jails take care of the rest."

Havoc later called into the radio show and when host Angela Yee asked if he was the voice on the audio clip, the Queens producer/rapper denied it. “No I lost my phone yesterday at the Knicks game, I put a statement out,” Havoc said.

In the statement released Monday night Havoc said that he left his phone at a gas station and pledged his allegiance to Mobb Deep. However, in the statement Havoc never actually denied sending the tweets. Screenshots of Havoc’s Monday morning tweets reveal that his social media barrage towards his parter-in-rhyme were all sent via web and not a mobile application.

On Monday morning sources close to Mobb Deep confirmed that there was no hack of Havoc’s Twitter account, but Havoc himself says otherwise. “I have a password app holder in my phone that has all my passwords, even for all my social networks,” H-A-V explained on the radio this morning.

Five days later Hav and P were relishing in the Knicks' 103-65 win against the Wizards snapping photos with New York Yankees player CC Sabathia. A breakup would be horrible timing as Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones" has been heavily featured in the Knicks' NBA playoff run as of lately. According to sources, if the Knicks secure a postseason entry the legendary track may be remixed for a special theme song for the ballclub.