Audio And Best Quotes From Lil B's NYU Lecture

At the end of March Lil B announced that he’d been tapped to give a lecture at New York University and since then he’s delivered a stream of tweets leading up to his big event. And in case that didn’t prove how excited he was, he even titled the lead track on his new mixtape The Basedprint II—which was required listening for students who attended—“NYU.” The Bay Area rapper, formerly of The Pack, and now better known as The Based God delivered his lecture last night, and he left nothing to be desired.

Lil B made his entrance to ambient music and throughout the night he proceeded to lecture about everything from love, to his philosophies on understanding humans, a bit of politics and an announcement that he has a rock album coming our way.

Listen to the full lecture here: via Stereogum

Some of his best quotes of the night:

His relationships with animals: "I'm the first rapper to adopt a tabby cat. I adopted it straight from the ASPCA, you feel me?"

How the animals help him understand humans: “I was having these big ant problems in my house. With the bugs, you just be looking at them... These are people in their own way too. As I was studying these ant colonies, it's like, man—they have their own communities too."

On politics: "Let's stop fracking. Who knows about hydraulic fracking? I'm like, whodie, get that oil out the ocean!" and "I'm out here trying to get my Mitt Romney on."

New musical direction: "You guys are the first to hear it: I'm actually releasing my rock album. This is gonna be some garage punk. This one's for the rebels. Look out for the Lil B rock record, California Boy."

Motivational words: “Nobody in this building asked to be born,” The Based God said. "Don’t let people’s stereotypes or stigmas or words—don’t let that put you in a box. Don’t let that ruin your day.”

“The people that love LiL B music and respect LiL B from the core know that we’re about positivity."

Oh, and "Until further notice, I'm paying taxes and I'm loving it."