Hip-Hop Community Reacts To Trayvon Martin Murder Charge

The Hip-Hop community has been rallying on behalf of Trayvon Martin for weeks and when George Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder on Wednesday (April 11) several rappers weighed in. While many took to Twitter to express their opinions on the matter, MTV News also reached out to a few artists, including Bun B., Killer Mike and David Banner, who commented on Zimmerman's arrest.

Nas, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy And Bun B Address Trayvon Martin Shooting

"This is only the beginning. Justice has not yet been served. 1) Zimmerman has not yet been convicted and 2) there is a systematic problem in America that needs to be addressed. The process to see Justice served has to be seen all the way through"

-David Banner

I am happy to see that Mr. Zimmerman has been charged however, this is only the beginning. America's parents and the public must watch this case closely to make sure none of our children can be slain senselessly again. - Killer Mike

"We asked for justice. This is the beginning. Let's pray the judicial system works as its supposed to."

- Bun B

On Twitter, the hip-hop community also had plenty to say:

@questlove lol at twitter not allowing GZ's name a TT but "degree murder" is? come on now twitter.

@MeekMill: Da black guys in jail clapping waiting for Zimmerman 2 walk in..this week gone b real life hell for him!

@Cappadonna Be peaceful no matter the outcome peaceful kids.Knowing its impossible off top for Zimmerman to get death or life.Prepare for disappointment