G. Dep Changes Story During Murder Trial, Says He Shot Another Victim

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The plot thickens in G. Dep’s case. Opening statements were given yesterday for the rapper’s murder trial, in which he allegedly shot and killed a man (John Henkel) in a botched robbery and confessed about it nearly two decades later, in 2011. Now, the NY Post reports that Dep is telling prosecutors he indeed shot someone, just not Henkel.

Video Surfaces of G. Dep Confessing to Shooting

"Why are we here?’ defense lawyer Anthony Ricco asked a Manhattan Supreme Court jury. "You have to decide whether he is guilty of the crimes charged." There seem to be inconsistencies in Dep’s description of his victim in his confession to police and Henkel’s actual appearance: Dep claimed his victim was a “clean-shaven blonde man” and Henkel had dark hair and a beard, for instance.

Prosecutors have stood unwavering, despite this bombshell and claim that Henkel is the only victim that fits the details of the rapper’s confession. ‘"There are no other homicides even close to fitting the description," prosecutor David Drucker told jurors.

For those that felt that a confession in and of itself means an admission of guilt, Ricco challenged, "Some people would say too late, but I would say it's never too late to seek your redemption.’”

Testimony is set to run two days. The “Special Delivery” rapper, who gained fame in the early 2000s as part of Sean Diddy Combs’ Bad Boy family, faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years.