Kanye West Makes A Silent Visit To '106 And Park' With 2 Chainz

2 Chainz dropped by BET's "106 and Park" on Monday night (April 9) sporting only one gigantic chain and after a pretty enthusiastic welcome from the crowd, the conversation naturally segued to how far he's come in the past year. 2 Chainz has been working with Kanye West over the past few months, even appearing on the recent G.O.O.D Music track "Mercy," and Ye came out to join him at "106." Unlike the recent mouthful he gave us on "Theraflu," though, Kanye said absolutely nothing during his visit. 

Co-host Terrence J was pretty pumped about Kanye's appearance, yelling over the crowd, "First televised interview with Kanye in a minute!" but calling it an "interview" was really quite a stretch. Ye kept his lips zipped, letting 2 Chainz do his thing, which included talking about their recent work together.

“First of all, I feel like Kanye is the best producer in the world. The way that he describes things, the way that he sees things is different from anyone else," 2 Chainz said. "It’s an honor. It’s a pleasure to just be in the studio with him at the same time, and just clashing worlds. My background, my resume is filled with street credibility music, trap rap and then he kind of brings his colors and images to what I’m doing. So he’ll definitely be a part of my project, dropping August 14th, Based on a T.R.U. Story.”

“We need more Kanyes. He really speaks how he feels," he continued. "A lot of things that I want to say, I don’t feel I’m in a position or have a right or platform to say it,” he said. “It just feels good for him to have the mental capacity to know when to tap into urban America, when to cross over, when to take it overseas. He just has the ability to do so many things, and he’s just including me in the equation."

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